Why Choose ISI Dublin?

At ISI we love what we do. We don’t just teach courses, we offer you a complete package, combining the best academic programmes with high-quality accommodation, an exciting social programme, great evening events and adventurous weekend excursions.

Award-Winning School

Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do. ISI Dublin is also the proud winner of the Study Travel Star English Language School Europe Award a total of four times, in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020/21, and has won the Irish Entreprise Award for Best English Language School in Ireland in 2022 and 2023. The schools are recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for English language education. We are also an official exam centre for the Trinity College London ISE Examinations and a recognised examination preparation centre for the Cambridge Examinations including IELTS, and for the Language Cert examinations.

Small Groups

The average class size at ISI is 13 students. This means that teachers can focus more on the needs of individual students and tailor lesson plans to suit their needs.

Individual Assessment

All students are individually assessed at the time of booking through an online test, again on arrival through a speaking test and every Friday with the class test. Progress is recorded weekly to ensure students are studying at the correct level. When a student can complete all the tasks in their level with some proficiency, they may be moved to the next level on successful completion of an exit  level examination.

Level specific

With high student numbers year-round, ISI can offer up to 16 different levels throughout the year. For example, this means that we don’t just offer one B1 class. We may have two or three B1 classes, all of the slightly different abilities, allowing for very precise level placements.

Nationality Mix

ISI offers a very good nationality mix, with up to 40 different nationalities studying in the school at any given time. This allows students to practise their English with students from other countries. It should be noted that the best nationality mix is in the morning classes – the afternoon classes generally have fewer nationalities.

City centre location

All our buildings are located in the city centre, within 5 minutes walk of O’Connell Street, Temple Bar and Trinity College.

Beautiful facilities

At ISI Dublin, we believe your learning space should be a beautiful and inspirational one. ISI Dublin operates two year-round centres offering excellent facilities in beautifully decorated buildings. View more

Year round social Programme

We believe the social programme is an essential part of the ISI Dublin student experience. That’s why we employ a team of friendly and enthusiastic social programme coordinators responsible for organising a wide range of exciting and inspirational activities for our student. View more.

Value for money

We are a medium-priced school, offering courses to suit all budgets. Those on a smaller budget can avail of up to a 20% discount by studying in the afternoon.

Innovative Approach

ISI teaches the language which students need to communicate in ‘real-life’ and for this reason we use an innovative and communicative approach. While there is a core textbook, teachers also incorporate the use of ‘real-life’ materials, such as magazines, menus, advertisements, as well as internet-based resources such as YouTube videos, songs and educational software.

High-quality teaching

All our teachers are university graduates with a government-recognized teaching qualification. Most have several years’ experience teaching in Ireland and abroad. Our Academic Management team monitors teaching standards through teacher observations, weekly teacher meetings and regular teacher-training workshops, where teachers can share ideas and develop new skills.


Our students deserve the best technology to assist them in the learning process. All our classrooms incorporate the use of Interactive Digital Whiteboards or computers, allowing our textbooks to interact with software and a range of online resources. We have powerful WiFi in both centres and computer rooms complete with webcams to allow students to use Skype, FaceTime and other social media to keep in touch with their families at home.

Student Cafés

Our cafés in both centres offer high quality at a very affordable price. During break times we offer hot & cold drinks and a range of sandwiches, cakes and snacks to suit all tastes and budgets. Students can buy their lunch for under €3.50, offering the best value in Dublin.