Mizuki’s Story from Japan

Mizuki’s Story from Japan to a High School in Ireland

I have been studied in Ireland for 3 months. Then I have much things that I thought about my life in Ireland. In these things, I would like to introduce three things. First, I explain about my school and my host family. The name of my school is “Dundalk Grammer School” This school is a boarding school. It means that there are many different countries’ students in this school. I stayed the boarding house from Monday to Friday evening. Through spending everyday, I experience something very different from the past.

Mizuki’s Story from Japan to a High School in Ireland
Mizuki’s Story from Japan to a High School in Ireland

In Japan, I went to school from my house by bike and train. So, my life for 3 months is so different from Japanese’s life. For example, to speak English everyday, not to be Japanese people around me, to think about various things in English, to spend in the different country and to live in a different house. There are many others. For me, to study abroad was the first time.

In addition to being the first, I chose different way from my friend. Most of my Japanese’s friend had been to Canada. However I don’t wanted to go together because I don’t like to be together in the same countries.

It is not good for me to speak own language each other. If I speak in Japanese, the meaning of studying abroad is lost. So, I wanted to think about myself and think about the future by becoming alone.

Then I want to be an independent person after studying abroad. For that I will do my best in Ireland. Next, I will convey my host family. My host family is six people. It is one girl, three boys, host father and host mother.

They are so nice and be kind to me. Home staying was my first experience.

At the first I was very nervous and very excited. But they talked gently to me. I was so happy. And my host mother is a nurse, my host father is police man.

I thought that I was very lucky to hear this. If I am sick and the danger is approaching to me, I can ask them for help. I introduce about my host brothers and host sister. One girl is 14 years old. She always talked to me friendly. So, her existence is great when I have uneasiness. I would like to consult her something happening in the future. 398 Then one boy is 9 years old and the other boy is 10 years old and 2 years old. 9 years old and 10 year old boys have played football. I have seen the football match.

For me it was first time to watch football matches in the foreign country. It was a lot of fun. I also want to watch their match if there is chance.

Another person, there is a two years old boy. I have never involved little boys like him since I go to Ireland. That was one of the first experiences I experienced. He is so very well and very cute.

For me, it feel like I got a younger brother. I want to talk with my host brothers and host sister positively from now on.

Next, I would like to introduce about choir activities. I have been belong to the choir club in Japan. This club is famous for school and I won the competition. I like singing since I was little and I was always singing. I love singing because a song has a wonderful power to impress people. Actually, when I was lonely or sad, by I listening the song I became feel better. I would like to make people around me smile with a songs.

To realize that I decided that I continue to singing in Ireland. I am belong to the choir club in Ireland.

I want to sing a song that make everyone happy here. However I have not sung much in English. I hit the wall of language beyond what I thought.

There are still many things that you can not sing as you want. But I knew that it was not easy from coming here. So, I would like to continue singing without giving up. Then, I want to sing a song that impresses people in English. This is my final goal.

Finally, I would like to write here abut my English skill. I am reassures since I came here. In Japan, I had been studying for three years. I worked hard in the midst of it.So, my English skill were not but from the surrounding people. I thought that I would do my best with confidence at that time.

But, the confidence took me somewhere in a flash. I am disappointed with my absence of my English skill in connection with international students.

I had no chance to speak in English, this is why I felt so strongly. So for the first time, I realized that there was not enough training to use it in English.

There were many times that it seemed to be distorting because of this.

But each time I decide to study strongly that I decided to grow myself.

By thinking so I feel that I grow little by little. I couldn’t become aggressive myself before I came here. I was afraid of making a mistakes. I was afraid of what I thought of the other party. But now I am different. I will not be afraid of mistakes. No matter how poor English you can speak to. That does not mean there is nothing to worry about. Of course there is anxiety. Just a way of thinking has changed from the past. I would like to vow here. I will do my utmost to do what I can do now even if I have anxiety. Finally I would like to conclude with the introduction of the words I will do my best in this study abroad life. I will not lose myself, no matter what happens. I do not get worried. “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”