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ISI's Jobs Club

Hey ISI students! Getting a job is a primary goal in life, and ISI is happy to support its students in this with Jobs Club.

Dublin is not a cheap place to live, and having a steady source of income helps a lot while you’re studying! But how do you find a job in Dublin? Or how do you find a job in Ireland, for that matter?

There are various websites one can look at to help you in your job search – some of the best websites to find a job include LinkedIn, Indeed and JobsIreland. But better yet, ISI is restarting its Jobs Club!

ISI Jobs Club

Conor Dooley runs our Jobs Club, which is getting reactivated following some months of inactivity during the worst of the pandemic. He can offer some invaluable advice and coaching to students seeking a job. Jobs Club only lasts for one hour a week, but manages to pack in a lot of information!

By far the biggest challenge that faces our students who are hoping to work is getting a PPS number. Coupled with the hurdle associated with GNIB, it can make for an absolute ‘head-wrecker’, as Conor says. But with Conor’s help, ISI tries to ensure that as soon as students are able to legally work, then they can start applying for jobs straightaway.

Every week on Jobs Club, students will be reminded to bring along their English-language CV and cover letter on social media. Conor is in a position to give corrections and reformat these CVs wherever necessary. There are also numerous different websites that can help with the formatting of a CV to help it stand out more from the crowd.

If a student is a recent graduate or has never had the experience of working before, then there are also various tweaks and changes that can be made to the CV to make the candidate more employable. There are also various available templates online for CVs and cover letters that can be used and adapted by students to suit their particular needs.

Students who are further advanced in the process, and deemed ready for job interviews, will be properly rehearsed during the process of Jobs Club. We will take a close look at the typical questions that may be asked during an interview situation and the various ways one may answer them. Any potential pitfalls that may arise will also be highlighted – relevant questions one may ask could include: how many hours one can work, what the minimum wage is, and so on.

Conor Dooley will also regularly be in touch with recommendations for useful websites one may sign up for, or where you may see relevant jobs advertised. If ever ISI is contacted by any company, or Conor gets wind of any word of mouth about new places opening, or even if he sees an ad on a window, then this information will be promptly shared with students on the notice board.

If you have any further inquires about ISI Jobs Club, please do not hesitate to contact Conor at

A job opportunity for ISI students at Elis

This information has been provided by ELIS, and any queries should be forward to them, not ISI.

Elis is a company that has provided many employment opportunities for ISI students in the past and is keen to do so again! Please visit the link to their website for further information:

Elis Logo

Elis is an international hygiene, textile and facilities services business operating in 28 countries across both Europe and Latin America, with leading positions in the greater portion of those 28 countries. Elis works with thousand of organisations all over Europe that make the living of our everyday lives possible!

You can find this company listed on Euronext Paris. For all types of activities, Elis delivers a complete textile, rental and laundry service. Elis offers everything from clothing to chef ware, entrance mats, cloths, mops, bed and bath linen and hygiene equipment for public toilets.

Elis runs four business lines: Hospitality, Healthcare, Workwear and Facility. At the moment, Elis is currently recruiting for the roles of General Operatives in our site based in Taillight, Dublin 24. Does that sound like you? Sign up!

What’s needed for General Operative at Elis

For the role of General Operative, you will be responsible for:

  • Sorting soiled linen to prepare for washing
  • Feeding clean linen through machines for ironing and folding
  • Packaging orders and ensuring that they are correct
  • Carrying out any miscellaneous production tasks that may be required
  • General Operatives may also be required to work in any area of the plant at any given time, in areas including the washhouse (in check), the production floor or dispatch, so the candidate must be prepared to be flexible.

Full onsite training and manual handling training will be provided by Elis.

Hours of work and shifts at Elis

General Operatives hours/days of work:

Monday to Saturday: 2/3 days = part time, 5 days = full time

3 shifts are available:

  • AM: 7am-3pm
  • PM: 3:15pm-10.45pm
  • NIGHT SHIFT: 11pm-6.45am (N.B. This shift is only available during busier periods)

The hourly rate of pay is €10.20 for daily shifts, €14 for night shifts plus an additional weekly attendance bonus of €50 (but only during summer time!).

Laundry worker at Elis
Laundry worker at Elis

Benefits of working at Elis

The Benefits of working at Elis include:

  • Tax Saver Scheme/Bike to work scheme
  • A 10% Discount on your VHI
  • A team performance bonus of up to €5-€10 per day

If you are interested in the above position, please send your CV along to – and if you have any further inquiries, you can call the company on the mobile number +353 087 602 4090

So there you go, ISI students! Make sure to reap the benefits of ISI’s newly restarting Jobs Club, and try applying for Elis if you’re interested! Good luck with your interviews…