Did you know? ISI Dublin – High School Programme

Did you know? ISI Dublin - High School Programme

ISI’s High School programme was launched in 2001 and since then we have aimed to provide the highest level of care and guardianship to our students. We have won the prestigious Study Travel English Language School Europe Award three times, in 2014, 2016 and 2018. ISI became a founding member of the Association of Guardianship Providers in Ireland (AGPI) in 2016 – indicative of our determination to uphold the very highest standards of student guardianship.

Why choose ISI for your child?

  • By choosing ISI, you will be choosing a well-established high school provider with over 20 years’ experience
  • Your child will be able to choose the type of school that they’d prefer – be it co-ed, single-sex, in a built-up urban area or a smaller rural town, public or private
  • If your child has any particular interests/ hobbies, we will help them to find local clubs and encourage them to get involved and join in
  • Throughout, your child is our main focus – we provide them with all the support and guidance that they will need during their stay
  • ISI maintains very regular contact with students – weekly check-ins and monthly visits or video calls followed by monthly progress reports which are sent to you
  • We have a dedicated, trained and experienced team to care for and support students

Our Market

  • At the moment our highest market is from German students, though this can fluctuate in different years
  • We welcome both EU and non-EU students (non-EU students must attend private schools)
  • Our market also includes students from Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Japan, China, and Japan

Some examples of our high schools in Ireland:

  • Malahide Community school – co-ed, state: Built-in 2007 and located in North Dublin with approximately 1215 students. It is extremely modern with state of the art facilities – students use iPads and there is an annual Transition Year show/musical!
  • Rockford Manor – single sex – girls, state: Located in South Dublin with approximately 294 students. Rockford offers a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities including an annual Transition Year show or musical!
  • Sutton Park – co-ed, private: Built-in 1957 and located in North Dublin with approximately 349 students, Sutton Park has great sporting facilities and offers an especial emphasis on extracurricular activities including hockey.

Do you want to know more about the schools we work with?

On our dedicated High School website, you can read all about our High School programmes and our services for overseas students. You will also be able to find a list of all the secondary schools we work with and their profiles.


We are deeply committed to our students and dearly hope that their experience with us is a rewarding one. Here are some enthusiastic testimonials from our past pupils:

Davide Fulgi Ancona, Italy
Davide Fulgi Ancona, Italy

Coordinators are always available to talk to about problems or tips. This agency organises many things to get the students more into the experience, for example, afternoon classes where you have the possibility to get to know more people and other students; the weekly newsletter is also another way to share with everyone your adventures and discover places to visit. The coordinator will follow your experience with steady videocalls each month, hoping everything is going good during the time in Ireland. Generally, it is a good agency where you don’t need to be shy to ask or talk

Nina Marleen Bösken Hamburg, Germany.
Nina Marleen Bösken Hamburg, Germany.

I had a really good time in Ireland and enjoyed it nearly every second. I got to know so many new kind and funny people and became friends with them. Also at school I felt very comfortable and felt like everybody is very open and kind. During my time in Ireland I got more confident in speaking English but also in so many other things. Now I’m very open to new people and I dare to talk to people I don’t know. Now I’m more independent because when you’re alone in a country you don’t know, you have to make on your own that things work. I learned so much and it was a great experience. For me it was also good that ISIoffered an English class because there, of course, I learned English but I also got to know new people and the excursion to the giants Causeaway and northern Ireland was just a great day.


High School Programme Manager
High School Programme Manager

Sarah has worked on the High School Programme at ISI since 2016 as part of our High School Programme team. Before that, she graduated from Dublin City University with a degree in Applied Languages and Translation Studies. As part of her studies, Sarah spent an Erasmus year in the south of France where she attended university. After her studies at DCU, Sarah returned to France for an academic year where she taught English to high school students. She then spent two years living in Vancouver, Canada. She loves working with the team at ISI and having the opportunity to welcome amazing teenagers to the High School Programme each year.

Who takes care of my child and how?

Your child will be allocated a local coordinator from ISI who will be his/her main point of contact while in Ireland. That could be me, or someone else from our team. We are at the end of the phone and always happy to have a chat, provide support, offer advice and be a trusted mentor during their time on the programme. Not only does this mean weekly phone contact, but it also means a once monthly (at least) meeting in person.