Irene’s story. A student from Taiwan.

Irenes' story - A student from Taiwan

I came to Dublin to study English for 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, I met a lot of amazing people and had some new experiences.

My class was a very international class with a lot of students of different nationalities, including Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Russia and our teacher Madeleine was great. She taught us with a lot of patience. Each of our classmates had close relationships with each other and we hosted parties when someone was going home.

Irene's story. A student from Taiwan.

The host family I stayed with during my stay here was lovely. We had 5 students staying there from all over the world. I am really glad I got to stay with them and enjoyed some very good moments with them. My host mother cooks very good food and she always put different things on the plate every night, so during my stay there I tasted a lot of Irish dishes and desserts.

My group and I also went on tours and had a lot of fun. We went to Howth, Northern Ireland, Kilkenny. We saw beautiful scenery and buildings and learnt about the history of Ireland and experienced their culture.

Irene's story. A student from Taiwan.

My group and I also enjoyed the tours in the afternoon where we went to attractions near Dublin city. Such as the Guinness storehouse, national museum, trinity collage and so on. Our leader gave us information about the attraction and took us on detailed tours. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot from her.

Irene's story. A student from Taiwan.

In general I really enjoyed my stay here in Dublin with ISI. I would recommend ISI to my friends who are interested in doing a study trip. Not only because I learnt English and improved a lot, but also because I met so many lovely friends at school. The school also provides afternoon activities for you to explore Dublin more. It’s a very memorable experience studying in Dublin and I am really glad that I got to study in ISI!