How to find the Best English Language School in Dublin!

Meetinghouse Lane School

There are so many English language schools in Ireland, it is difficult sometimes to find the right one! Here are our top six tips when choosing an English Language School in Dublin.


Choose a school that is recognised by ACELS and is a member of the quality school association, MEI . This ensures your school has been inspected by a government authorised body. In addition, it means that in the unlikely event that the school closes down, you have Learner Protection, and will be placed into another quality language school free of charge.


Ask the school about their teachers and their teaching method – perhaps this is the most important point about a school! What are the teachers’ qualifications? How long have the teachers been teaching at the school? Schools that retain their teachers for long periods of time, investing in their training and development, are generally good schools. Ask about the teaching methods used in the classroom, are they interactive and task-based? Is technology used?


Find out if the school has won any industry awards, such as the Study Travel English Language School Europe Award, or equivalent awards.


Remember, many schools might have attractive websites, but the photos you see might be ‘stock photos’ and not photos of the actual school! If you are still abroad, then ask a friend in Dublin to visit the school for you. If that is not an option, look for a virtual tour on the school’s website or check Google’s ‘Look Inside’ feature. Look for a school with good quality facilities and technology. Interactive digital whiteboards, connecting the classroom to exciting audio-visual software and the internet, should be standard in every classroom these days!


Find out if the school runs any activities outside of class time such as walking tours, clubs, museum visits, conversation evenings, assistance finding a job, student parties etc. in the afternoons, evenings, weekends. Some schools only offer this service in summer. A good school should offer an interesting activities programme, with many free activities all year round.


Check the school out on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Google review are good starting points! Generally if social media reviews are positive and if many students interact with the school’s social media pages in a positive way, it is a good sign that the students are happy there!

ISI Dublin is recognised by ACELS and is a member of the quality school association, MEI. 85% of our teachers have worked at ISI for 2 or more years (30% for 2 years or more and 35% for 4 years or more and 20% for 7 years or more!).

The school has won the Study Travel English Language School Europe Award 3 times, in 2014, 2016 and 2018. All the photos and videos on our website and on our social media feeds are real and are an accurate reflection of our students, our facilities and the activities we offer, including Interactive Digital Whiteboards in every classroom.

We offer a full social and activities programme year round, with many free activities including orientation tour, jobs club and conversation corner. We also offer weekly Saturday tours around Ireland. You can check out our social media feeds at Facebook and Instagram .